Types of Business Lines of Credit

In this post I mentioned that there different types of Business Lines of Credit. There are also different ways of acquiring a Business Line of Credit.

One way is to start a business (Corporation or LLC are the best for this) and get a Dunn and Bradstreet number so you can start building your PAYDEX score. Then you start with small Business Lines of Credit that have bad terms (often using your own FICO and personal guarantees). Using these lines allows you to build up your PAYDEX score. in 1-3 years, your PAYDEX score will be high enough to get credit at good terms.

There are three ways to so this. You can do it on your own, you can hire a company to teach you how to do it, or you can buy a corporation that already has a credit line. I’ll talk about those options in 3 Ways to Acquire Business Lines of Credit.

Who am I?

I am Jeff Miller. I have 15 years experience in the lending business, three years working with Business Lines of Credit and other Business Credit services. I am in Laguna Niguel, California (south Orange County, about halfway between Los Angeles and San Diego). You can reach me at (949) 249-3673.

I have access to several different types of Business Lines of Credit and other types of Business Credit. I am available to discuss the options available to you by phone. If you are in or near Laguna Niguel, we can meet face to face if that would help you.

Jeff Miller
Business Lines of Credit in Laguna Niguel

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